PToll™ Application by BancPass Operational in Austin, Texas

PTollTM Application by BancPass Operational in Austin, Texas

Cost Savings and Convenience for Consumers and Operators Using the PTollTM Mobile App for Toll Roads

AUSTIN TEXAS – June 23, 2014

BancPass, Inc. launches the public rollout of its exciting new mobile phone tolling app, PTollTM, which allows toll road users a simple and convenient method to pay tolls using their smartphone. The PToll app has been successfully operating, in beta-mode, on all Austin, TX metro area toll roads since September of last year. In April 2014, BancPass successfully launched the app in full production mode to all users.

“App, Snap, & Drive!”

The PTollTM app is free, and is available on the Apple and Google Play stores. Signing up is simple: users take a photo of the back of their vehicle, associate payment, and drive the road. Once registered, users are not required interact with their phone, or even have it in the car, while driving.

“We are very excited by the feedback we have received from consumers and Operators alike. The PTollTM app is the first of its kind and solves a number of challenges the toll industry is facing as electronic toll collection expands across the country,” said Glenn Deitiker, President and Chief Technology Officer of BancPass. “Not only does it provide the user a conven- ient way to pay; but with Federal MAP 21 requirements for Toll Interoperability on the horizon, PTollTM is a viable solution to the interoperability issues facing toll Operators.”

User Cost Savings and Operational Efficiencies

Consumers using toll roads in Texas, without a tag, are typically charged the “cash toll rate” and a $1 or more invoice fee when they receive a toll bill in the mail. PTollTM users save time and money: no paper bills to deal with, no late fees, and consumers are charged the toll and a small convenience fee, only when they use the road.

For the Toll Road Operator, the BancPass system mitigates the risk of unpaid tolls. Toll Operators are also able to avoid “pay by mail” costs associated with print, mail, and postage fees; and funds are available to the Operator immediately.

More Convenient Payment Solutions To Come

PTollTM, is the first of several next generation toll payment solutions that BancPass has developed. PTollTM provides a more convenient and cost effective toll payment solution to untagged, infrequent, and transient users using electronic toll collection facilities. Combining the proven technology and standards of the financial and electronic payments industries, along with the business of Electronic Toll Collection, BancPass payment solutions result in significant improvements in effi- ciency by leveraging the value and economies of scale of the financial service industry. The blend of the two promotes National Interoperability by providing an open, cost effective, transaction processing network for Toll Operators, while enabling payment choices, and competition to in- crease the value and customer service options, available to consumers. For consumers, PTollTM pro- vides convenience at a low cost alternative to pay by mail billing. For toll operators, PTollTM guarantees the toll to the toll agency and reduces operational costs.

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