Manage Your BancPass Toll Sticker Your Way

BancPass provides consumers with a different way to pay their tolls.
Enjoy the convenience of a toll tag while managing your account, your way. Cash reloadable option, no minimum balance, you choose how much, and when to reload.  Manage your BancPass account all from your mobile device.

Why Choose BancPass Toll Sticker

  • You choose when and how much to replenish
  • No minimum balance required
  • Use cash to replenish your toll account at any participating retailer, through the phone app using debit or credit, or anytime online
  • Manage your account, view transactions and balance with the BancPass phone app and automatic text balance reminders

Have some questions regarding BancPass and if it is right for you?


Toll road Users are looking for ways to pay their tolls with convenient, cost effective options.
The BancPass Toll Sticker is a pay-as-you-go, cash reloadable toll account. Toll Operators partner with BancPass to provide cash-based and budget conscious Users with a pay-as-you-go, cash reloadable option to obtain a toll tag and conveniently manage their account. BancPass is actively expanding the program to other states and toll operators. Users enjoy the same convenience and discounts as traditional toll tag users. Tweet us @BancPass & let us know if you want BancPass in your city!

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