How is the EZ Tag by BancPass program different from the HCTRA EZ Tag program?


Where does the EZ Tag by BancPass work?

Your BancPass EZ Tag will work on ANY toll road in TEXAS! The BancPass EZ Tag does not work outside of the state of Texas.

BancPass EZ Tag users will be charged the electronic EZ Tag discounted rate.

HCTRA-Regional-Toll-Roads-Map---Wait-Times-After-EZ-TAG-Activation_v8b[2] texas_map


Where can I get my cash reloadable EZ Tag by BancPass?

Purchase your EZ Tag by BancPass at online at www.bancpass.com/purchase/ or COMING SOON – at participating retailers!


How do I reload my tag?

Take your RELOAD CARD, which you received in your EZ Tag Starter Kit, to any CVS Pharmacy®. Provide the cashier with your RELOAD CARD and let them know how much you would like to fund your account. The cashier should scan your reload card (not swipe) and you can reload your account with cash or go online to www.bancpass.com/reload/ to use a credit or debit card. The minimum reload amount is $15. There is a $2 charge for reloading your tag.

COMING SOON! Reload your EZ Tag powered by BancPass account at participating retailers. Check back soon for details and locations!


How do I check my balance?

Users can view their account balance via the BancPass phone app. or by texting the word BALANCE to 866.978.5061. Text message rates may apply. BancPass service fees may also apply. You will be notified and given an option to opt-out of BancPass service fees prior to being charged.


What happens if I fail to register my License Plate as required?

If you fail to register your License Plate you may receive toll invoices or violations for your vehicle. Registering your License Plate provides a backup means of identifying your vehicle if, for example, your transponder fails. If you fail to register your license plate you will be responsible for all violation charges and additional fees as assessed by the toll agency.


What does the BancPass phone app do?

The BancPass phone app allows users to register new tags, track toll system usage & account balances, and even use credit cards to replenish their account.


I got an invoice or violation notice for a vehicle that had an EZ Tag by BancPass, what should I do?

First, please verify that your account was in good-standing at the time of the invoice of violation. You can do this by: 1) reviewing the SMS text messages we send you regarding your balance; 2) using the BancPass phone app, or 3) by calling 866-978-5061. If you have received an invoice and you feel it is in error, take a picture of the invoice or scan it and send to support@BancPass.com. Please put the word VIOLATION on the subject line. Please include a clear image of the invoice details including the invoice number, vehicle details, and transaction details.


How do I change the License Plate number registered to my EZ Tag by BancPass?

You may change your License Plate number using the BancPass phone-app, or by calling: 866-978-5061.


How do I change the phone number on my account?

You may change your phone number using the BancPass phone-app, or by calling: 866-978-5061.


What do I do if my vehicle or Tag is lost or stolen?

Notify BancPass immediately by texting the word STOLEN to 866-978-5061. You may also call 866-978-5061 during normal business hours. You will be responsible for charges incurred up to the time that BancPass is notified.


How do I contact customer service?

You can email support@bancpass.com. or call Customer Service 866-978-5061 Monday – Friday during normal business hours.