This page includes FAQs related to the BancPass Toll Sticker and also information specific to your local Toll Operator such as new road openings, electronic conversions, system issues, and any other information our Users need to know! In addition to this page, follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and updates!

PLEASE NOTE: BancPass posts transactions as soon as they are received from the Toll Operator. This is not just an issue for BancPass customers but all customers who drive the  particular roads that are delayed.  See “WHERE ARE MY TRANSACTIONS?/WHY ISN’T MY APP UPDATING MY TOLLS”, below.

How is the BancPass Toll Sticker program different from other toll tag programs??

Traditional Toll Accounts

Prefer an automatic monthly subscription?

Never worry about a negative balance, violations, fines, or fees.

Your toll account is linked to your credit card & automatically replenished when a minimum balance is reached.

Monthly statements allow you to view your account activity.


Prefer to pay as you go, and Pay your way?

You choose when and how much to replenish!

No minimum balance required. Replenish your account 
using cash or debit at a participating retailer. Reload using credit online or through the phone app.

Manage your account with automatic text reminders and the BancPass mobile app.

Where does BancPass work?

BancPass and PlusPass will work on ANY toll road in the states where they are available! BancPass and PlusPass does not work outside of those allotted states. BancPass users will be charged the electronic toll tag discounted rate.

Where can I get my cash reloadable BancPass Toll Sticker?

Purchase your BancPass Toll Sticker online or at participating retailers.

Where are my transactions? Why isn’t my app updating my tolls?

Some Toll Operators have billing delays. You may notice that you have taken trips that have not posted to your account yet.  This is not an error with the BancPass system.  This is an error with the Toll Operator’s billing system.  We continuously work to inform Toll Operators of our User’s frustration and also work to message our Users when we are alerted of a Toll Operator system issue.

Do I have violations?

Purchasing and activating the BancPass Toll Sticker does not relieve you of your violations or pay-by-mail bills. Toll Operators have different rules, laws, and requirements for driving their roads. For example, there are some toll operators that do not permit a User who has outstanding violations or pay-by-mail bills to drive the road. It is up to the User to contact the Toll Operator to handle these types of infractions or notices. It is also up to the User to adhere to all Toll Operator requirements.

What If I have a violation or pay-by-mail notice in the mail?

Sometimes errors happen and a Toll Operator may mistakenly send a violation notice or pay-by-mail notice to a User with a valid toll tag account.  If you get a violation or pay-by-mail notice believe it to be an error, send an image of the notice to support@BancPass.com. Please include the detailed page showing the license plate, time/location and toll amount. Also note in the email your BancPass Toll Sticker number.

BancPass can dispute these violations on your behalf as long as your account was in good standing, and the proper license plate was registered to the account, at the time of the violation or pay-by-mail notice.

It is important to address a notice that has been sent in error as soon as possible before it ages and escalates to collections.

What If deactivate my BancPass Toll Sticker? Will I still have to pay for pending toll charges?

Deactivating your tag only means that you will no longer receive tolls posted to your account from the date and time you deactivate the account. You are still responsible to pay for all of the toll charges for trips taken prior to deactivating the account.

If you used a toll road after closing or deactivating your account, the toll agency that manages the road you drove will send you a violation or pay-by-mail notice if you do not have a funded account.

Simply call the customer service department at 866-978-5061.

Your account will be fully closed 120 days after cancellation in order to allow all tolls that were incurred prior to the account cancelling, to post.

See “How Does BancPass Work”.

I have a disabled vet plate or other plate that allows for free tolls?

BancPass posts tolls as they are charged to the account. If you believe you are exempt from tolls, you should call the Toll Operator to determine the proper method for receiving free tolls.

How does a BancPass Toll Sticker work?

The BancPass Starter Kit includes the following:

  • Toll Sticker (sometimes called a transponder, toll tag or RFID tag)
  • Reload Card
  • Instructions for how to place your sticker on the vehicle’s windshield
  • Instructions for registering your account and license plate
  • The Terms of Service

When a User drives the road, the RFID chip in the toll tag is detected and read. The information is transmitted to the Toll Operators Back Office or processing center. The tag ID number is matched to an account and the amount of the toll is debited from the account balance.

When a User’s balance gets low (around $5), BancPass automatically sends a text message to the mobile phone number on file to alert the User of a low balance. BancPass does not require a minimum balance be maintained. However, if a User’s account is not properly funded, the Toll Operator will not be able to charge the account and the User could receive a violation or pay-by-mail notice.

To reload the account, a User can simply take the Reload card to any participating retailer and reload using cash or debit. The amount of a reload includes a $2 fee. For example, if a User wants to reload $20, the User will be charged $22. Users can also reload online via the BancPass website: https://www.bancpass.com/reload/

Be sure to have two identifying pieces of information from the following list:

  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Toll tag number
  • Last 4 digits of your reload card number
  • The phone number registered to the account

BancPass does not initiate charges to your account. With the BancPass Toll Sticker you pay the lowest toll fee on the road. The only fee you will pay BancPass is when you choose to reload your account.

How do I reload my tag?

Take your RELOAD CARD, which you received in your Starter Kit, to any participating retailer Provide the cashier with your RELOAD CARD and let them know how much you would like to fund your account. The cashier should scan your reload card (not swipe) and you can reload your account with cash or go online to https://www.bancpass.com/reload/ to use a credit or debit card. The minimum reload amount is $15. There is a $2 charge for reloading your tag. Funds are available immediately and you may drive the road after reloading.

How do I check my balance?

Users can view their account balance via the BancPass phone app. or by texting the word BALANCE to 866.978.5061. Text message rates may apply. BancPass service fees may also apply. You will be notified and given an option to opt-out of BancPass service fees prior to being charged. The best way to manage your account is by downloading the app.

What happens if I fail to register my License Plate as required?

If you fail to register your License Plate you may receive toll invoices or violations for your vehicle. Registering your License Plate provides a backup means of identifying your vehicle if, for example, your transponder fails. If you fail to register your license plate you will be responsible for all violation charges and additional fees as assessed by the toll agency.

What does the BancPass phone app do?

The BancPass phone app allows users to register new tags, view all toll charges, & check account balances. Users can even use credit cards to replenish their account.

I got an invoice or violation notice for a vehicle that had a BancPass Toll Sticker, what should I do?

First, please verify that your account was in good-standing at the time of the invoice of violation. You can do this by: 1) reviewing the SMS text messages we send you regarding your balance; 2) using the BancPass phone app, or 3) by calling 866-978-5061. If you have received an invoice and you feel it is in error, take a picture of the invoice or scan it and send to support@bancpass.com. Please put the word VIOLATION on the subject line. Please include a clear image of the invoice details including the invoice number, vehicle details, and transaction details.

How do I change the License Plate number registered to my BancPass Toll Sticker?

You may change your License Plate number using the BancPass phone-app, or by calling: 866-978-5061.

How do I change the phone number on my account?

You may change your phone number using the BancPass phone-app, or by calling: 866-978-5061.

What do I do if my vehicle or Tag is lost or stolen?

Notify BancPass immediately by texting the word STOLEN to 866-978-5061. You may also call 866-978-5061 during normal business hours. You will be responsible for charges incurred up to the time that BancPass is notified.

How do I contact customer service?

You can email support@bancpass.com or call Customer Service 866-978-5061 Monday – Friday during normal business hours. Please allow 24 hours for a customer service agent to respond to emails. Voice messages left after hours will be returned the following day.

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