Replace My Toll Sticker

BancPass recommends that you replace any Sticker beginning with HCTR that you are currently using. When you upgrade your Toll Sticker by purchasing a new $20 Starter Kit, your BancPass account will be reimbursed for the full purchase price. *** After August 31, 2024, local toll authorities may charge all BancPass HCTR Toll Stickers the higher “cash rate” for tolls instead of the discounted “tag rate.”  The transition to this new Sticker ensures that you will continue to pay the discounted “tag rate” for tolls and will also allow you to pay for tolls nationwide (on toll roads that read transponder/tags).

What do you need to do?

  1. Go to one of the BancPass Retailers and purchase a $20 BancPass Toll Sticker Package or go online and buy one at
  2. Register your license plate, exactly the same as your existing plate, to your account. You may do this via text activation or by calling us. If you text for activation, make sure to send the text from the phone number associated with your BancPass account.
  3. ***The $20 Starter Kit purchase price will be credited to your account in addition to any balance that you currently have on your HCTR Sticker; this makes your new Sticker effectively free. All moneys spent on the new Starter Kit go into your BancPass account balance.
  4. Replace your old Sticker with the new one and discard the old Reload Card.


If you do not replace your HCTR Sticker, your account may be charged the higher cash-rate for tolls starting on September 1. BancPass does not control this rate and does not keep any portion of the tolls collected from your BancPass account.

You can keep using your existing HCTR Sticker but starting September 1, your BancPass account may be charged the cash-rate for tolls, which is generally 10%-30% higher than the tag-rate.

You may replace your Toll Sticker (and be reimbursed for the purchase) any time before or after August 31. Follow the instructions above when you are ready to replace your existing HCTR Sticker.

No. Our agreements with retail partners only allow purchase of the Starter Kit for $20. Your account will be credited $20 after you purchase and activate the new Starter Kit.

Yes! Keep using the toll roads as you normally would. When your new Starter Kit arrives, throw away your old Sticker and Reload Card and use only the new.

Unfortunately, no. To receive a Starter Kit by mail, please order online. Remember that when you order a Starter Kit from, all $20 goes into your BancPass account balance. It’s like reloading your BancPass account without paying a reload fee.

You certainly can but you don’t have to! Whether you upgrade your HCTR Sticker now or later, your existing balance will remain in your account. Keep in mind that after September 1st, your BancPass account may be charged the higher cash rate for tolls if your HCTR Sticker has not been replaced.

No! All balance associated with your existing HCTR Sticker will remain in your account (in addition to the $20 that will apply after you purchase and activate the new Starter Kit).

Unfortunately, we are not able to apply funds from your BancPass account towards the purchase of the new Starter Kit.

Please check your balance again after you receive the email confirming that your Starter Kit order has been fulfilled and shipped.

No, when you activate your new Starter Kit using the same license plate number as the one associated with your HCTR Sticker, the conversion is automatic. There is no need to contact us to deactivate a HCTR Sticker that has been replaced with the new Sticker.

Contact us to deactivate any Sticker that is no longer in use; we will transfer your funds to another BancPass account or process a balance refund to be sent to you by mail.

No. There are no tricks here! You can keep using your HCTR Sticker if you want to. No action is required if this is your choice. BancPass is replacing HCTR Stickers to ensure that accountholders receive the tag-rate discount for the tolls they travel.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or at 866-978-5061

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