BancPass Announces New President John Freund

Freund to lead effort toward expansion of interoperable mobile payments and customer account management solutions.

Austin TX (June 5, 2017) — BancPass, Inc. announced today that John Freund has joined as President to lead the adoption and implementation of BancPass Nationally Interoperable Mobile Payments and customer account solutions for tolling, parking, and quick serve restaurants (QSRs).

Glenn Deitiker, Chief Executive Officer states “John has developed an impressive track record of strategic, operational, and commercial accomplishments including leading teams to introduce ISO-6C technology and multi-protocol readers to the Global and North American Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) marketplace. His wealth of experience related to the development of interoperability standards, and the delivery of ETC systems and technology, will be invaluable as BancPass continues to accelerate growth in the ETC, parking, and QSR markets.”

BancPass’ innovative approach and proven applications leverage the secure technology and standards of the financial and electronic payments industries to service electronic toll collection, parking, and QSR payments. This promotes National Interoperability (NIOP) by providing an open, cost effective, transaction-processing network for Toll Operators, while enabling consumer choice.

Deitiker, as CEO, will lead the development team. Freund will build out and lead the operational and commercial teams promoting the BancPass mobile payment application, PToll™ and the BancPass pay-as-you-go, cash reloadable toll accounts. BancPass is committed to ensuring that Mobile Payments are Nationally Interoperable. Freund’s considerable experience with NIOP will be utilized to implement next generation payment solutions that deliver interoperability nationally as the industry looks for ways to expand beyond the regional level.

About BancPass

BancPass is a Texas corporation focused on providing mobile payment solutions that are convenient and cost effective for operators and users. BancPass launched its smartphone app, PToll® in 2013. PToll® permits consumers to be in control of their toll payments while reducing operating costs of toll operators. PToll® is available in many cities throughout Texas and is also operational in Colorado.

The BancPass toll account management system, launched in November 2015 in Houston, TX, and provides users with a cash reloadable, pay-as-you-go, toll tag distribution and reload network through distribution and retail partners.

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