Kansas Turnpike’s K-TAG And Florida’s SunPass Are Now Interoperable
K-TAG And SunPass Are Now Interoperable - BancPass

The Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) announced that effective February 27, K-TAG can be used to pay tolls on most Florida toll facilities and SunPass is accepted for payment of KTA tolls.

“This new compatibility with Florida comes at a pivotal time as KTA continues working toward its transition to cashless tolling in 2024,” said KTA CEO Steve Hewitt, who added that the authority “is excited to be a part of this step toward national interoperability which will help make travel on toll roads easier for customers.” KTA has not yet established interoperability with the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX), but it expects to do so later this year.

In addition to K-TAG and SunPass, motorists can use the following systems to pay KTA tolls: BancPass powered by K-TAG; NATIONALPASS; PIKEPASS; EZ TAG; TxTag; TollTag; BestPass; and PrePass.

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