Glenn Deitiker to Lead BancPass’ Launch in Next Generation Transaction Processing and Customer Account Issuance

BancPass, Inc. announced today that Glenn Deitiker will lead BancPass as President and Chief Technology Officer, in a dedicated capacity, to launch its Next Generation of toll technology solutions.

Deitiker brings more than twenty years experience in the Toll Collection industry. In 1994, he founded Caseta Technologies, Inc. where he led his team through the architecture and development of the MTA B&T E-ZPass Electronic Toll Collection software. During his tenure at Caseta, Deitiker contributed to many, industry planning, and specification groups including the International Bridge Tunnel & Turnpike Association (IBTTA) Next Generation Performance Specification Work Group. Deitiker was also a founding Board Member of the OmniAir Consortium, and has served as the Executive Chair for the Electronic Payment Services (EPS) Committee, where he lead the development of specifications, standardized interfaces, and payment processes for “open” transaction processing for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC).

Deitiker sold Caseta in 2007 to Telvent GIT S.A. (Nasdaq:TLVT), now Schneider Electric, where he continued to lead the Toll Division of Telvent Transportation as President & CTO. In January, Deitiker resigned his position to completely focus efforts on launching BancPass.

BancPass’ vision is to combine the proven technology and standards of the financial and electronic payments industries, with the business of Electronic Toll Collection, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency by leveraging the economies of scale of the financial service industry. The blend of the two promotes choice, competition, and ultimately provides a more efficient, cost effective transaction processing network, paving the way to National Interoperability.

“I am excited about the opportunity to fully dedicate my time and energy working to take Tolling into the future. With the advent of All-Electronic-Tolling, operators and consumers alike are looking for more flexible, customer friendly ways to pay for tolls. The BancPass system increases the range of choices to consumers by enabling payment methods that best fit usage for each individual. In turn, we provide toll operators alternatives to legacy transaction processing, and introduce the efficiencies of trusted banking and retail partners.”

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