BancPass, Inc. to Rename Company to PlusPass®, Inc.
BancPass is changing to PlusPass! - BancPass

Austin, Texas, Release: August 24, 2020 For Immediate Release:

BancPass announced today a reorganization that permits further expansion into other commercial markets including Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Shannon Swank, Chief Marketing Officer stated, “As the PlusPass® solution continues to innovate, and as the needs of the consumer continue to change, this is an ideal step towards the direction our organization is moving.” The first operational mobile tolling app, PlusPass® was launched in 2013 to provide Users with another option to pay for tolls. Since that time, PlusPass® has evolved and will soon launch into other markets as a leading Pay In Motion® provider. Pay In Motion™ certified Users are licensees of the PlusPass® Intellectual Property; Patent #9,691,061 which addresses the payment of electronic tolls, parking, and related transactions, through the use of a license plate identifier, geolocation system, and mobile phone, personal electronic device application or OEM head-unit.

The structure of the organization, management, and shareholders remains the same. PlusPass® will continue to be led by Glenn Deitiker, Co-Founder, and CEO, John Freund, President, and Shannon Swank, Co-Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer.

About PlusPass®:

PlusPass® is a Texas Corporation and Fintech company focused on providing consumer payment options for in-vehicle, Pay In Motion™ (PIM™) transactions including tolling, parking, and other commercial markets. PlusPass® leverages retail efficiencies and secure, proven payment platforms to deliver convenient, cost-effective solutions to consumers and operators, alike. PlusPass® provides self-managing payment and account options through all its solutions including, the PlusPass® mobile application and the BancPass Toll Sticker. PlusPass® also provides opportunities to license and resell its patented technology in order to build a more interoperable and competitive market.

Investor Relations: John Freund,

Press Inquiries: Shannon Swank,

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